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TASS - Russia’s government-run news agency, an integral part of the world media system – has been in the media business since 1904. 
TASS: We know! — dynamically developing multimedia with a considerable potential and big ambitions. The line item of edition is based on comprehensive interpretation of general events in the world.
Every day cover latest news and interesting tendencies. In an edition area of interest: the Russian and worldwide policy, macroeconomic and finance, culture and art, sport and technologies, health and social life.
Facts, investigations, comments, opinions - is the first among the first.

The journal «Regions of Russia»

The leading political edition of the country shining a political and economic life of the Russian regions, acting as a debatable platform concerning interaction of subjects of the Russian Federation and the federal centre. Edition audience: heads of federal, regional and municipal authorities, State Corporation "Rostech", Russian Engineering Union and companies of national importance. Distribution: subscription and mailing in 85 regions of Russia.

The Publishing House "Gudok"

The Publishing House "Gudok" is one of the major industry mass media producers in Russia – both printed and multimedia. The company activity started in 1917 with launching "Gudok" newspaper – the oldest periodical in the territory of the former USSR. Today, this federal level daily paper is the leading transport industry mass media in the CIS and the Baltic states/ The product line of Publishing House "Gudok" is a wide range of periodicals for millions of readers’ audience from transport industry, helping transport market participants in solving various marketing tasks.



"" is the biggest social and political e –newspaper, it is one of the biggest informational portals of RuNet – for 19 years it has been providing readers with the news about events in social, political, economic and sports life of Russia and of the world. The project combines the best qualities of paper journalism with advantages of internet-version, and combination of high quality analytics and relevant news sets it apart from other competitors. Managers, specialists with higher education and stable income form the target audience. About 300 thousand people visit resource every day. "Ytro", News media accreditation certificate ЭЛ № ФС 77 – 64769 от 22.01.2016.



«Rossiyskaya Gazeta»

«Rossiyskaya Gazeta» - is a modern multimedia platform that daily provides readers the most recent, fair and major information about regional, federal and worldwide events. News, reportages, exclusive interviews and comments from state officials and most powerful business, political and cultural representatives. Authors of «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» - are famous journalists, experts, analytics, prestigious columnists and special correspondents all over the world.
Media holding of «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» include: «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» - daily nationwide newspaper; «Rossiyskaya Gazeta - Nedelya» -weekly nationwide social and political newspaper; «Rodina» - monthly historical magazine; RG.RU - news social and political web site; international project Russia Beyond the Headlines - monthly information supplements about Russia in leading global mass media

Russian Reporter Magazine

Russian Reporter Magazine is published since 2007 and It has a circulation of 168000 copies. The idea of the edition is to follow the most important events in Russian Federation and abroad, provide audience with the objective reportages of the various aspects of political, social, cultural life in Russia and present the Russian view on the events in the world.

Nevskie Novosti

NEVSKIE NOVOSTI is a news outlet based in St. Petersburg. It provides news, expert opinions and interviews, photographic reports, concerts reviews and current events guides. Join us on VK (, participate in our contests we hold on a regular basis and win free tickets to concerts and plays. NEVSKIE NOVOSTI is also present on other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Odnoklassniki and Instagram). Our cumulative reach is more than 2 Million social network users. Our site is viewed 4,5 million times, with 1,5 Million web visitors.

Ekograd. Moscow Journal of Ecology

The popular science magazine published by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the city Moscow. Themes: econews, the first faces of the urban ecology, ecoprojects and discussions, the history of the Moscow ecosystems, citizens about environmental issues, scientific developments in the ecosphere, travel, etc


GREEN CITY is  main Russian media-resource (magazine, Internet site and social nets) of new generation dedicated to green building and sustainable development of cities, regions and countries. For professional architects, urbanists, developers and specialists of government management.  BE GREEN! BE INNOVATIVE!

The Environment of St. Petersburg

"The Environment of St. Petersburg" is a new urban, environmental, popular, scientific publication, which is issued by the State Company “Mineral” together with Сommittee for Nature Use. In journal you can find news in the field of nature management, scientific points of view, comments of lawyers and announcements of city events.



"Tambov courier"

"Tambov courier" is a weekly regional socio-political newspaper. Published since 1992, now-the leading print media in the region. Regional news, Analytics, reports, exclusive interviews. Materials journalists "Tambov courier" can be found on the website, groups in social networks "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", "Twitter", "Facebook". By the decision of the Expert Council of the international professional exhibition "Press" the newspaper "Tambov courier" is included in the Gold Fund of the press of Russia. Among the permanent partners of the publication are the Union of journalists of Russia, the all-Russian news Agency RIA Novosti, the Alliance of heads of regional media "ARS-PRESS" (Moscow), Gazprom Media holding and others.


Vestnik Peterburga

VESTNIK PETERBURGA is an online media outlet into Russia-wide project «Vestniki Rossii» ( Everyday actual news of the city and the country are published on social media (Vk, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and also it provides with the information about interesting events of Saint-Petersburg, photos of it and interviews with famous citizens. The cumulative reach of the «Vestniki Rossii» project is 35 million per month and «Vestnik Peterburga» gets 10 million views per month on 4 social networks.



“Region: Economics and Sociology”

The leading Russian scientific periodical that covers the issues of regional science, problems of Russia’s regional and municipal development, its regional policy, and foreign experience of spatial development. The best articles are translated into English and published in the journal Regional Research of Russia.

"Strategic  decisions  and risk management"

Scientific reviewed journal. The magazine there is an object of creating a two-way publishing platform for interaction between authors and readers in order to support international research in the field of strategic management, strategic decision making and risk management.



09.04.2019 : Выпуск журнала «Региональная Экономика. Юг России» по материалам Форума стратегов 2018

The first issue of the journal “Regional Economy. South of Russia” (2019) is published. The issue includes articles by participants of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2018.

15.03.2019 : Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019 Main Theme Identified

Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019 Main Theme – National Goals and Territorial Impacts

11.02.2019 : Join Forum 2019 Main Theme Discussions

Discussions on the main theme and round tables topics of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019 are in full swing. Those who wish to join can fill in the form via the link:

19.12.2018 : VASAB Young Planners’ Contest Results To Be Discussed at the Youth Platform of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019

VASAB Young Planners’ Contest results to be discussed at the Youth Platform of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum 2019. The contest has been announced, application deadline is January 17

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