[2018-09-21] / MSC-2018 Semifinals Media Accreditation

On September 25, 2018, the V Municipal Strategies Contest Semifinals take place in Moscow at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation (7/1, Miusskaya sq.). The contest starts at 10:00, while a contest wrap-up at the plenary session is at 15:30. You can get accredited for the event through the Civic Chamber’s press service +7 495 221 83 61,

24 contestants, divided into three groups, will be competing to reach the finals in the main category. On the same day, the finals in four private categories will be held.

The contest wrap-up will be at the plenary session to be attended by: Chairman, Committee for Strategic Development, All-Russian Congress of Municipalities, Deputy V.V. Zubarev; President, All-Russian Congress of Municipalities, Deputy V.B. Kidyaev; Chairman, State Duma Committee on Federal System and Issues of Local Self-Government, Deputy A.N. Didenko; Chairman, Commission for Territorial Development and Local Self-Government, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Expert Council, Union of Russian Cities, A.N. Maksimov. The session will be attended by well-known strategic planning experts, including Renate Ursula Hoff, Head of Spatial Development, Spatial Program, -Plans, and Concepts Unit, Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg, Minister for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Land of Brandenburg, who will speak on the German municipal planning experience.

The draft programme and other documentation can be found at the official website of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum in the Contest section.

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