[2018-10-23] / Experts Discussed the Main Areas and Perspectives for International Cooperation in the Development of the Maritime Economy

Participants in one of the sessions of the Strategic Planning Leaders Forum shared various experiences in organizing international cooperation for the development of the maritime economy.
Andrei Lappo, Director of the Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak Northwest, presented approaches and experience in organizing cooperation in the regions of the Baltic, Barents, Chukchi, Black Seas and North Pacific. 
Bernhard Freiss, Director of the Directorate “Maritime Policy and Blue Economy” of the European Commission's Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Directorate-General, spoke about the drivers and policies for development of the Blue Economy in the EU, as well as the reasons for encouraging states to cooperate.
Besides, the following cases were presented at the session: experience of creating a cooperation platform in the Baltic Sea region; Russia’s maritime activities in the Arctic within the state strategic planning system; systematization of geopolitical advantages and improving regional mutual understanding in the Russian Far East.
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