[2018-10-23] / The Second Part of the Discussion on the Maritime Economy

The second part of the panel discussion was focused on different aspects of the maritime economy as a driver for development in the Black Sea region, and elaboration of the Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea according to the decision taken by the representatives of the 6 coastal countries and the Republic of Moldova in Burgas (Bulgaria) on May 31, 2018. The Russian-Turkish project BlackISMP was also presented at the session.

Speakers: Dmitry Pankin, President of Black Sea Trade and Development Bank; Alexandr Gorelik, Manager, Black Sea Project Promotion Facility, Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation; Roman Shehovtsov, Vice minister, Ministry of Economic Development of the Rostov Region; Igor Galas, Deputy Head of Administration (Governor) of the Krasnodar Region; Talis Linkaits, Head of Secretariat, VASAB; Baris Salihoglu, Director, Associate Professor Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University; Nikolay Grishin, Chief Engineer at the Architectural bureau “GOR-PROJECT”; Larisa Danilova, Deputy Director of the Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak Northwest; Alexey Krylovskiy, Managing Director of the Leontief Centre – AV Group Consortium.

Alexey Krylovskiy spoke about the Russian flagship projects of the Black Sea cooperation. According to the expert, LC-AV has a wide experience in strategic consulting, project support within the framework of the South Pole of Growth, as well as experience in organizing cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. The Consortium believes it is necessary to reassess political, economic, social and cultural problems and priorities of the region at the moment, as well as to provide the development of the Strategy for economic, social and spatial development of the Black Sea regions, which would take into account the interests of all – large and small – stakeholders, especially the people living in the Black Sea region.




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