Round Table
International Cooperation for Regional Development


Considering the main Forum’s theme “Stakeholders of the Future”, speakers from Finland, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Greece and other countries will discuss strategies and plans of the participating organisations, how they respond to the arising challenges and meet them. The round table, associated with AEBR Task Force of External Borders meeting, will address the issues of improving the quality of living environment, developing tourism in the context of European migrant crisis, ecological urbanism and many more.

Organizers: Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, ICSER Leontief Centre

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Kapyrin Igor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Deputy Director of European Cooperation

Lambertz Karl-Heinz, European Committee of the Regions. President

Speech at the Round Table "International Cooperation for Regional Development"

Guillermo Ramirez Martin, Association of European Border Regions (AEBR). Secretary General

CBC in Practice: how to enhance capacity and strengthen leadership in the management of CBC initiatives

Moisio Johannes, Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), Task Force of External Borders. Chairman, Task Force of External Borders

AEBR Task Force for External Borders (TFEB) and its relations with Russia

Dejeant-Pons Maguelonne, Council of Europe. Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention

Strategic planning with the landscape: European landscape convention of the Council of Europe

Bouche-Florin Luc-Emile, European Council of Spatial Planners. Honorary President

Davos declaration: a commitment for a Better Urban Living Environment

Vagionis Nikolaos, Center of Planning and Economic Research. Senior Researcher

Culture and Development

Lazaroff Cynthia, NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth. Founder

Lessons from an Island Paradise

MAKANA Matthew Swalinkavich, Makana Music. Singer, Songwriter, Hawaiian Cultural Ambassador

The Breath of Life

Magyar Anna, Csongrad County Regional Government. Vice President of the General Assembly of Csongrad County

Cooperation for regional development: international, interregional, intermunicipal

Nurgatina Liliya, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation. Deputy of Head of Department of Socially Significant Goods Development

Strategic Partnership in the Name of Preserving Cultural Heritage: Places of Traditional Existence of Folk Arts and Crafts as Objects of cCultural Landscape

Diarrah Aguibou, African Union’s Border Programme (AUPB). Head of the African Union’s Border Programme (AUPB)

Border Management in Africa: Challenges, Lessons Learnt and Way Forward


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Karelina Irina ICSER Leontief Centre. Director-General
Sadovnikova Elena Independent expert. Expert on International Issues of Regional Development




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