Panel Discussion
Visualization of Data in Strategic Planning. What Is the “Image” of the Future?


The main question of the panel discussion: How to visualize data on the balance of the strategic management system?
Visualization of data on the balance of the strategic planning system by priorities, goals, objectives, indicators, financial and other resources at various levels of government is of great complexity. When considering strategic planning documents, we do not always represent the structure and content of strategies graphically. Good visualization, as a rule, becomes a source for generating dashboards to support management decision-making, which is an integral part of the public administration system. With a competent visualization of strategies and its location in the system, the participant can focus on the analysis, without being distracted by the preparation of special requests or a continuous study of texts and data. After all, graphic language is the same words. Now there is lack of vocabulary for depicting strategies and plans, programs, roadmaps of regions and cities. Therefore, the development of a graphic language in this area is becoming increasingly important. Modern human activity, so wide is it, will have to be converted into graphics, since it is no longer possible to describe it in thick books using ordinary language.

Organizers: Department for Strategic Development and Innovation at the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

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Panin Alexander, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Senior Scientist

Map as a strategic planning tool

Krylovskiy Alexey, Consortium Leontief Centre - AV Group. Managing director

Visualization of Forms, Meanings and Mechanisms. Visualization Strategy 2018

Tyupyshev Denis, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Counselor of the Department of Strategic Development and Innovation

Barkova Maria, Financial Research Institute. Ministry of Finance Russian Federation. Deputy Head of the Directorate for Information Technology for Budgeting and Analysis

Data Visualization in Strategic Planning. What is the “Image” of the Future?

Osowski Maxim, Management & Marketing Universal Business School. Lecture


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Osowski Maxim Management & Marketing Universal Business School. Lecture



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