International Conference. Part 2
Introduction of Innovative Green and Healthy Technical and Technological Solutions in Road and Urban Passenger Transport: Global Trends and Opportunities


The conference is held within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Improving Road Safety in 2013-2020". The vehicle-to-population ratio growth has led to a number of downsides: rising traffic congestion, emissions of pollutants, road traffic accidents, and travel time losses. People don’t opt for public transport because of its poor reliability, large headways and poor quality of services, uncomfortable routes or their absence as such. To address these challenges, we need an integrated approach to develop sustainable urban transportation systems and to understand the ways to implement this approach by federal, regional and municipal executive authorities, business community and the public.
The conference aims to increase the capacity of decision makers and specialists in traffic management, and to change people’s mindset.

Organizers: Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, JSC “Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport”, ICSER Leontief Centre, Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) Secretariat, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

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Carsten Oliver, Institute for Transport Studies. Professor

How can we use connectivity to enhance road safety and traffic operations?

Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Institute of Science and Technology Research,Chubu University. Professor

Smart Transport Strategy for higher QOL with low carbon to meet Thailand and SDGs

Iakimenko Olga, ICSER Leontief Centre. Head of Internet Projects and Marketing Communications, Green Mobility Initiative Coordinator

Sustainable urban mobility. Transportation and urban planning – challenges and solutions

Levashev Alexey, Irkutsk National Research Technical University. Technical Director of the Scientific Research Transportation Laboratory

Sustainable urban mobility. Transportation and urban planning – challenges and solutions

Vamberg Henriette, Gehl Architects. Director, Architect MAA

People First Mobility

Jellinek Reinhard, Austrian Energy Agency. Programme Manager Klimaaktiv mobil EcoDriving

The THE PEP partnership on EcoDriving


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Thaler Robert The Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT). Head of Division Clean Mobility
Donchenko Vadim Joint-Stock company “Scientific and Research Institute of Motor Transport”. Chief Research Adviser. Chairman of THE PEP Bureau



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