Round Table
Regional Sustainable Development Strategies: Development and Implementation Experience


Issues to be discussed:
- sustainable development strategies at the national, regional and local levels abroad;
- best practice of preparing municipal and regional strategies in Russia based on the ecological economics approach;
- initiation of territories development projects by municipalities and regions;
- methodological approaches to developing sustainable development strategies.

Organizers: RANEPA

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Argunov Sergey, Research and design centre "City development". Deputy General Director

The use of geoinformation technologies when preparing projects for development of territories

Asmus Oleg, Autonomous non-profit organization "Center for strategic research of the Ulyanovsk region". General Director

Ulyanovsk region development strategy: experience in development and implementation

Barinova Vera, Gaidar Institute of economic policy. Innovation economy department, Head

Sustainable Development: International Experience

Ipatov Konstantin, Ministry of Economic Development of the Crimea Republic. Head of Department of Strategic Development

Mechanisms and First Results. Crimea: Strategy 2030

Kotsyubinskiy Vladimir, RANEPA. Deputy director Regional strategy center

Sustainable Development Strategies: The Experience of the RANEPA

Tsybatov Vladimir, Samara State Economic University. professor

Sherbakov Alexandr, GREEN CITY Magazin. Deputy editor

Yakupov Linar, PEMANDU Associates. Government Affairs Director of PEMANDU Rus LLC


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Zemtsov Stepan Russian Foreign Trade Academy. Head of laboratory
Komarov Vladimir RANEPA. Director of Regional strategy center


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