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New Mechanisms for Territorial Development


Sustainable development of the regions is a top priority of the state policy of the Russian Federation. Economic development of the country and the social situation of its citizens, the territorial integrity of the State depends on its successful implementation.
Under internal and external challenges, it is necessary to make the most efficient use of available resources and mechanisms for territorial development, as well as to apply an experimental mode of introducing innovations in regional development, which will allow a more balanced approach to project implementation throughout the country.
The key tool for the effective use of such resources are the strategies for socio-economic development, which in turn integrate such mechanisms as national projects (programs), new approaches to creating special economic zones, an integrated cities development project, an integrated development plan for trunk infrastructure, etc.

Organizers: Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

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Akhmeeva Elmira, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Deputy Director of the Department of regional development

Kornienko Aleksei, State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Deputy

Emelianenko Anton, Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. Head of the direction of interaction with the subjects of the Russian Federation


Evolution, not Revolution

Torbich Olga, Moglino special economic zone industrial production type, Joint Stock company. CEO

Special economic zone as a platform for the integrated development of the region

Zemlyanskii Dmitrii, Council for the Study of Productive Forces. Chairman

Mechanisms of interregional cooperation as a tool for territorial development in the Russian Federation

Pryadilnikov Mikhail, Anlitical Center for the Goverment of the Russian Federation. Deputy director


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