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Dialectics of the Development of Russian Towns: Unity and Struggle of Stakeholders


Towns, despite their small size, are the platforms for cooperation and clash between various development stakeholders: traditional crafts and modern industry, traditional lifestyle and high-speed urbanization, tourist-cultural and industrial approaches to development. Russian towns, where almost 25 % of Russia’s population lives, can develop in the context of consensus and synergy of various local and federal stakeholders.

Organizers: Institute of Place Marketing and Branding, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

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Nurgatina Liliya, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation. Deputy of Head of Department of Socially Significant Goods Development

Strategic Partnership in the Name of Preserving Cultural Heritage: Places of Traditional Existence of Folk Arts and Crafts as Objects of Cultural Landscape

Alekhin Alexey, Department of the tourism and handicrafts development of Nizhniy Novgorod region. Director

Territories of preservation and development of traditions and way of life as an integral part of Russian identity

Firsov Alexey, Center for Social Design «Platforma». CEO

Territory Development: Game Models for Business

Aksenov Konstantin, GS GROUP. Vice President, strategic development

Innovative business and a town: synergy and points of growth

Konovalova Elena, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation. Program Director

Local Communities: Subjects of Change or Objects of Survival?

Makarova Elena, Kazan Federal University (Institute of Management, Economics and Finance). Head of Research

The Role and Potential of Universities in the Development of Small Cities: the Experience of KFU


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Stas Andrey Institute of Place Marketing and Branding. Managing Director


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